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Experience a Cultural Culinary Feast This Black Friday at Momi Noodle!

Join us at Momi Noodle for a Black Friday feast! 🍜 Celebrating with our “Dong-Style Pork Knuckle Hotpot” – a culinary tribute to Dong traditions. 🌟

Welcome to Momi Noodle’s exclusive Black Friday event! This year, we’re bringing you a unique blend of cultural heritage and culinary delight. Join us as we unveil the highlight of our festive feast – the “Dong-Style Pork Knuckle Hotpot,” a dish steeped in tradition and infused with rich, authentic flavors.

Discover the culinary delight of the “Dong-Style Pork Knuckle Hotpot” at Momi Noodle, a fusion of tradition and contemporary flavors. Renowned for its distinctive spicy taste, this hotpot gives a new life to the traditional Dong pork knuckle. The pork knuckle is expertly fried to achieve a crispy golden exterior while maintaining a succulent and juicy interior, perfectly complementing the rich and spicy broth.

In this hotpot, we’ve added a variety of carefully selected ingredients like tofu skin, potatoes, and carrots. These ingredients not only add diverse textures but also enhance the nutritional value of the dish. The soft and smooth tofu skin and the tender potatoes absorb the flavors of the spicy broth, while the carrots bring a natural sweetness that balances the spiciness.

What’s more exciting is the option to customize your hotpot with additional side dishes of your choice. We offer a range of fresh vegetables like bok choy, spinach, and mushrooms, allowing you to tailor your meal to your liking. These greens not only add a refreshing touch to your hotpot but also make your dining experience healthier and more varied.

At Momi Noodle, every bite of the “Dong-Style Pork Knuckle Hotpot” is a challenge to your taste buds and a new interpretation of traditional Eastern cuisine. We warmly invite you to experience this hotpot that skillfully combines spicy, savory, and diverse flavors, making your dining experience unforgettable!

To make this Black Friday unforgettable, we’ve lined up some special offers for you:

  • Spend $30 CAD and receive an artistic local art card, a token of our island’s vibrant art scene.
  • For higher spends, immerse yourself in more surprises, including exquisite art cards and elaborate art puzzles.

At Momi Noodle, we believe in celebrating culture through cuisine. This Black Friday, we invite you to join us in this celebration. Savor the tastes of tradition, enjoy the artistic flair of our special offers, and be part of a dining experience that’s truly one of a kind.

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