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About Us

Our Story

In the heart of Victoria’s vibrant landscape stands our beacon of culinary tradition – Momi Noodle. Since our inception in the summer of 2021, we’ve been more than just a noodle restaurant. We’re the confluence of China’s age-old culinary heritage and Canada’s dynamic gastronomy.

Our star attraction? The legendary Guilin Rice Noodles. A dish that boasts of a 2,200-year legacy, beginning in China’s Qin Dynasty. At Momi, these noodles aren’t just meals; they’re stories – of families, traditions, and centuries of refinement.

As Canada’s pioneering ambassadors for Guilin Rice Noodles, we’ve melded time-honored recipes with innovative culinary techniques. The result? A menu that sings both of authenticity and modernity.

Embark on a gastronomic journey with us. A journey where the rustic alleys of China meet Victoria’s contemporary flair. Dive into tradition, taste innovation. Welcome to Momi noodle.

MOMI Noodle

Our values

1. Authenticity: At the heart of our dishes lies genuine tradition. Every ingredient and every method we use resonates with the true essence of Guilin, ensuring that our guests experience the most authentic flavors.

2. Innovation: While we cherish our roots, we aren’t afraid to evolve. We continuously explore contemporary culinary techniques, ensuring our menu always offers a refreshing yet familiar taste.

3. Quality: From hand-picking the freshest ingredients to meticulously crafting each dish, we uphold the highest standards in all we serve. Our commitment to quality ensures every bite is a testament to our dedication.

4. Sustainability: We believe in the power of conscious dining. Our efforts focus on sourcing local, reducing waste, and supporting sustainable practices that nurture our planet.

5. Community: Our restaurant is more than just a dining space; it’s a community hub. We take pride in fostering a warm environment where every guest feels like part of our extended family.

6. Passion: Our team, hailing from the heartland of rice noodles, pours their heart and soul into every dish. This deep-rooted passion is the driving force behind our unmatched flavors and service.

7. Respect: We value and honor the rich tapestry of cultures, traditions, and individuals that walk through our doors. Everyone, from our suppliers to our diners, is treated with the utmost respect and appreciation.

Join us at Momi Noodle, where every dish is a reflection of these values, and every experience is a journey worth cherishing.

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