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Let Momi Noodle’s Apple and Tremella Soup and handmade cakes warm your heart this cold season. A delightful blend of tradition and modernity, every bite takes you closer to home.

As the autumn wind starts to blow and the cold air wraps around, Momi Noodle is here to warm your heart. Our special Apple and Tremella Soup, made with freshly harvested apples from our own garden, combined with premium Tremella, is not just delicious but also nourishes your health, boosting your immune system and moistening your lungs. This sweet, non-greasy soup is the top choice for the fall and winter seasons.

When paired with our handmade cakes, it’s an absolute delight. In Momi Noodle, the rustic vibe of China meets the contemporary flair of Victoria. Here, the savory Beef Pancake, the delicious Taro Paste Scallion Pancake, and the sweet Red Bean Paste Scallion Pancake, all accompanied by milk tea, create a symphony of flavors that is sure to make you feel at home. And don’t miss out on our homemade Chili Oil, gluten-free and all-natural vegetarian, it’s a perfect match with any meal or noodles.

Come on and try it! Let our Apple and Tremella Soup accompany you through the cold days of autumn and winter, bringing warmth to your heart and soul. Momi Noodle, where tradition meets modernity, and every bite takes you closer to home.


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