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New Dishes finally arrived!

This fall and winter, Momi brings you comfortable warmth!

In the changing seasons, MOMI is relentlessly searching for unique food codes. MOMI has finally found this winter’s food treasures and developed a series of new dishes. This autumn and winter, MOMI has launched a series of fresh and hot talks, saute chicken in hot sauce, General Tso’s Chicken, roasted veggie, and chilli series, which are ideal for cold weather tastes.

Saute chicken in hot sauce

In the cold winter, spicy can bring endless satisfaction and happiness. At the same time, with the tender and crispy fried chicken, sighing pleasure will bloom in the mouth sublimation. Our owner has Hunan background, so we bring the hometown of the happy palate of the unique blend of sauteed chicken in hot sauce naturally stood on the leading position of the new winter series. The spicy, addictive, crispy-to-burst spicy chicken with soft and silky rice noodles is the best winter combination.

Saute chicken in hot sauce’s meat is tender and satisfying in the mouth; out of the pot, full of red oil, spicy, tender meat, aroma, with smooth rice noodles and shilly-shally noodles, really a fresh bite!

General Tso’s Chicken

There are five tastes in the world, sweet, sour, bitter, spicy and salty, and General Tso’s Chicken is no exception, from spicy and fresh to sweet and sour, a duel of tastes. General Tso’s Chicken is a famous Chinese delicacy overseas and is also one of the characteristics of Hunan cuisine. Unlike sauteed chicken’s smooth, salty and spicy taste, General Tso’s chicken is charred outside and tender inside, sweet and sour, and spicy. Rice noodles, together with the chicken’s perfect blend, each noodle emits the delicious aroma of General Tso’s chicken.

Roasted Veggie Rice bowl

Snow, a holdover from winter;
Rice, a gift of the seasons;
Grains, a vegetarian paradise.

This winter, Momi not only brings the carnivorous carnival but also uniquely prepares a new special vegetarian dish: Roasted Veggie.

Broccoli is perfect with carrots and monkey-head mushrooms, and corn. The sweet and tasty corn kernels absorb the fat, do not make the diet too greasy, and contain enough dietary fibre to help improve constipation. At the same time, carrot is highly absorbent and strengthens the peristalsis of the intestines, thus facilitating the diaphragm and widening the intestines, and they are laxative and anti-cancer. The healthy grains are full of colour and flavour, with soft and delicious rice, so that health accompanies you through the next cold and lonely.

Curry Chicken with Rice

What else is there in Victorian winter? The coldness of the sea, the creatures cowering in the bitter cold, the storm fish, the ski slopes, and …… soup curry? When you breathe in the cold air, go into Momi to have a bowl of rice-grinding aromatic soup curry, curry spicy with a sweet and mild taste to let you sweep the body of the cold, a bite, food, rice and curry aroma in the chewing diffuse, race high!

The potatoes are crispy, the chicken is tender, and the curry is rich in flavour.

Curry Beef Brisket rice noodle

This winter will be freezing, so we have to save more meat in the body. Different from the chicken curry is soft and delicious, curry beef brisket is also perfect in the winter. Hot, warm and fragrant meat and vegetable food let people reverie in the tropical style of Southeast Asia. The golden curry beef brisket of grinding rice, with a rich and mellow special curry soup, boiling tender beef brisket and large pieces of potatoes, familiar and a little strange curry coconut milk aroma, a bit of melt in the mouth, fatty and lean beef brisket, mellow meat flavour in the tongue instantly exploded; and then a piece of soft and tasty, juicy and sweet radish, the mellow meat flavour into a simple, the rest of the soup mixture into the rice, simply perfect.

In this wet and cold autumn and winter, various unique new dishes from MOMI will accompany you and bring you to warm east Asia and ancient China.

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