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The Correct Steps For Having Traditional Guilin Rice Noodle

House Specialty: Momi Marinated Rice Noodles & Momi Hot & Sour Rice Noodles

A2. MOMI hot and sour rice noodle

With the taste of traditional Guilin rice noodles and the multiple choices of flavorful side dishes, the innovation of grinding rice noodles has been guiding the best fusion of health and vision. Our “five steps for happy rice noodle meal” will bring you a visual and delicious feast for the palate! Let’s meet and unveil the prelude to this taste bud adventure.

“Five Steps of Happy Rice Noodle Meal”

Step 1: Pour the colorful plates you like including cowpea, crisp radishes, peanuts, soybeans, chopped green onions, and coriander (extra 2 in Hot & Sour: bamboo shoot and sauerkraut) into the rice noodles in the way you like. I

Step 2: With the wooden spoon and the chopsticks, stir continuously at a constant speed until each garnish is in contact with the rice noodle.

Step 3: Enjoy the experience of the joy of mixing noodles and pour the noodle into your mouth.

Step 4: You can choose to add the soup into the noodle according to your preferences.

Step 5: Experience a different flavor of the rice noodles within a bowl of soup noodles.

Customize your rice noodle and enjoy your deliciouse meal!

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